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A Scarf.

A Story.

A Master Piece.


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Pattern breeds predictability. Narrative reigns over repetition. Why settle for a scarf when you can wear a story instead.

Set out in 2016, in London, Pig, Chicken & Cow creates dreamscape shaped in ink on silk. Artworks of imaginative wonder that live many lives. With every drape and flow a new enchantment unfurls. From the finest hand-drawn lines, intricately woven visions are born.

Timeless in their beauty, exceptional in their vibrance. A lasting statement in fashion and art.




Meticulously Details
& Luxury Silk



Pig, Chicken & Cow takes great pride in the meticulously handcrafted details of every item we produce. We spend hundreds of hours hand-drawing their fantastically intricate visions line-by-line to ensure that every elegant pattern and striking colour meet their exacting standards.

Only finest silk selected for every our scarf before the luxury printer is skilfully finished off with a delicately hand-rolled edge. Each scarf is then individually placed in its own exclusive packaging, making these exceptional items the perfect gift.



The Morning




The Creators & 
The Makers



Pig, Chicken & Cow was born in the fusion of art, craft and fashion. Having worked with numerous high profile clients in the industry for many years, Shan Jiang and Ying Wu set out in 2016 to create a truly unique luxury accessories brand in London. Their works are strongly influenced by the magical atmosphere of their home city of Shanghai, with its interplaying skyscrapers and bungalows, traditional superstitions, ideologies and flourishing subcultures. They draw inspiration from a myriad of styles including Chinese Meticulous Art, Ukiyo-e, Bauhaus, Durer and manga.



The Wind,

The Lover.



The Beauty
& Objects